Saturday, October 10, 2015

This is Me! (Again)

Whats up buttercups?

So yeah. I'm doing one of these again.
Why?  Because I've changed again.

I still have a passion for science, but I've changed from physics to chemistry, and then my passion for mystery brought about my new interest in Archaeology.

I now have friends that I have seen suffer and somehow that opened my eyes to what was real and what wasn't.

I have been rejected, accepted and everything in between.

I am honest and open, yet hidden and private.

The world seems to know my secrets, even the ones that I don't know.

Rumours are becoming my security because I am sometimes afraid of the truth.

But I know that, through all of this, I have those closest to me that will support me through whatever I experience.

And I thank God everyday for allowing me to have such truly amazing and wonderful people around me all the time :)


I have no idea about my future, no plans or theories, no changes to be desired. But I don't need them. I am now a girl that is no longer afraid to ask for help because it is always there to be given. Someone who is no longer afraid to stand up in class and give her opinion, because she knows that she will be listened to. A girl thankful for every minute of everyday. I have my friends, my family (whatever country they are in :P ) and I have no idea of anything the future will bring.

But I rejoice in that fact, because sometimes knowing everything can be really boring.

Stay Positive! Everything will work out :)

Hello there Earthlings!

Its been a while eh?

So recently, I have been struggling over the fact that I am in year 11. I was coping pretty well up until the the end of term one when my brain suddenly went: 'Oh god! I've only got one year to go until I graduate, go to university, get a job, have to grow up, take me place in society and try to work at paying off my mortgage, until i eventually die!'

Overreaction? Yeah. Maybe.

So this feeling of impotence, in addition to the usual high school drama and my own silly problems, eventually pushed me off the edge. I felt like giving up.

Until my amazing PC teacher told me I had nothing to worry about. It wasn't the usual 'change is a part of our lives' kinda speech, it was more along the lines of: 'There are children dying in Africa, what do you have to complain about?'

And somehow... her words of wondrous wisdom motivated me to realise that instead of worrying about the fact that I only had two years of high school left, start rejoicing in the fact that I was privileged enough to have those two years of high school.

After that, my worries seemed to vanish, because I knew that, no matter what problems I encounter in the future, the odds were in my favour, and all I needed to do was remain positive.

Make Sense? Probably not...

Friday, February 13, 2015

Top Five TIps For A New School.

Starting a new school can be challenging. (I should know)
Every school is different, but i believe i have enough experience in 'first days' in order to give you my top five tips for surviving you first day at school. (I promise i will try not to be that cliche!)

Here we go!!

1.)    If you have a locker, then take as much as possible on the first day to save time and effort over the next year. However, if you do not have a locker, then only take what you need for each day, in order to spare your back from the torture of carrying round a bag all day.

2.)    Each morning, arrive at school with plenty of time to spare, so you can get to know your way around and make use of any of the school's facilities if you need to. (Just don't get lost!)

3.)    Pay attention to the push/pull signs on the building's doors, this will limit the amount of embarrassing red bumps on your forehead.

4.)    If you do not have a 'buddy' or 'pal' to show you where to go on your first day, then i'm sorry, its up to you! Either find somebody with a timetable similar to yours and follow them around as much as you can, or spend the next two weeks asking for directions.

5.)    TEACHERS ARE FRIENDS! NOT FOOD! I know that teachers at a new school can be intimidating, but, no matter what you think, or how much homework they give you, they are honestly trying to help. I promise :) Don't argue with them (unless you know your right ;) ) and make sure that they remember you for the good things, not the bad.

So there you have it, my top 5 tips to your first day at a new school.

I told you i was strange,

Kind regards

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


So today someone (admittedly someone who knows me ) told me that they read my blog. HAHAHA I didn't think anyone ever did, so that's cool. :) Hello epic person if you read this!! 

I told you I was strange...

Friday, January 23, 2015

New School??? No worries!!!


So you know that feeling when something amazing happens but you don't really feel anything??? I don't know how really to describe it but its like it hasn't sunken in. You cant tell if its real or not so there's no need to get excited??

No?? Well maybe its just me.

Anyway, I had this feeling all through the Miley Cyrus 'Bangerz' Concert that I went to. I had this feeling all throughout my previous 'relationship' (if you could call it that anyway). But I also had this feeling today.

We left at half seven, to get there by eight. The car-park was massive, but somehow it still took us a while to find a space. The glass doors at the entrance, which I had originally thought of as a bit daunting, now seemed comforting and welcoming.

Today was my orientation day at my new school. WOW! I had a great time. Picked up my school laptop (which I am using now), and got to the know the school and meet some of the guys and girls in my grade. Can't wait till day one! (even if I have to start it with a 90 minute Physics lesson. HELP!!!)

Thanks to my dad for being the day's TAXI service, and thanks to John Paul College for giving me a wonderful tour.

Love to you all,

Cheers, Saona.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

So its been ages since i posted a 'This is Me' and i think i have changed quite a bit so here goes: 

Hello Earthlings!! 
This funny little box at the corner of my computer screen is asking me to describe myself...i don't really get why but whatever. Hello! My name is Saona and I am very strange. I like music, and video games, but i have a passion for Science. Ernest Rutherford once said that: 'all science is either physics or stamp collecting'. Now, i am positive that he did not mean to deny the other sciences any value, but his opinion is handy for me as, although i am currently studying Chemistry as well as Physics, i am hoping to branch of this into my chosen pathway of High Energy Particle Physics at university. Yeah. I told you i was strange. I also like Astronomy, and I am a member of the 'Astrology is Rubbish' club. Or at least i would be if it existed. 

When people say that it is hard for a Catholic to become a scientist i would agree with them 100%. However, while i am a Catholic by birth, i am also comfortable with the unknown, and i like to have answers to find :) 

So thats me. What about you?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2015. A new start

It is almost 2015. The start of a new year. We did an alright job this year. But there were mistakes. The international news channels of 2014 were flooded with stories of war, death, bad times and just general upset abroad. This was brought to us in a huge way with the terrible news of the Sydney Siege on the 15th of December. We lost 2 Australian citizens in an act of violence that should never have taken place. #iwillridewithyou . 

However, there was an increase in charity donations in 2014. On top of this, efforts made by celebrities such as #bandaid30 helped raise funds for poverty in Africa and similar places. More and more people are donating, not only funds, but other necessities to those who have less. 

A few weeks ago I had the extraordinary pleasure of volunteering for Operation Christmas Child, the charity that ask for shoeboxes filled with small Christmas presents for children suffering abroad. I was overwhelmed by the generosity of the thousands of people that donated as we sifted through more boxes than we could count.

It is operations and charities like these, as well as individual acts made by people that help to balance out the evil acts that have been committed. 

Although we can never fully compensate for the destruction of wars, or upsets, we can sure damn well TRY. 

So it is coming up to 2015, and let's not only start a new year, but a new era, one that we can cherish. An era where poverty is severely lessened, where religious people can feel safe in public and visa versa. The era when we recognise that we are not several countries fighting their own battles. But one planet, with its communities fighting eachother's  as a whole.

So here here, to a new start.