Saturday, January 17, 2015

So its been ages since i posted a 'This is Me' and i think i have changed quite a bit so here goes: 

Hello Earthlings!! 
This funny little box at the corner of my computer screen is asking me to describe myself...i don't really get why but whatever. Hello! My name is Saona and I am very strange. I like music, and video games, but i have a passion for Science. Ernest Rutherford once said that: 'all science is either physics or stamp collecting'. Now, i am positive that he did not mean to deny the other sciences any value, but his opinion is handy for me as, although i am currently studying Chemistry as well as Physics, i am hoping to branch of this into my chosen pathway of High Energy Particle Physics at university. Yeah. I told you i was strange. I also like Astronomy, and I am a member of the 'Astrology is Rubbish' club. Or at least i would be if it existed. 

When people say that it is hard for a Catholic to become a scientist i would agree with them 100%. However, while i am a Catholic by birth, i am also comfortable with the unknown, and i like to have answers to find :) 

So thats me. What about you?

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