Saturday, October 10, 2015

This is Me! (Again)

Whats up buttercups?

So yeah. I'm doing one of these again.
Why?  Because I've changed again.

I still have a passion for science, but I've changed from physics to chemistry, and then my passion for mystery brought about my new interest in Archaeology.

I now have friends that I have seen suffer and somehow that opened my eyes to what was real and what wasn't.

I have been rejected, accepted and everything in between.

I am honest and open, yet hidden and private.

The world seems to know my secrets, even the ones that I don't know.

Rumours are becoming my security because I am sometimes afraid of the truth.

But I know that, through all of this, I have those closest to me that will support me through whatever I experience.

And I thank God everyday for allowing me to have such truly amazing and wonderful people around me all the time :)


I have no idea about my future, no plans or theories, no changes to be desired. But I don't need them. I am now a girl that is no longer afraid to ask for help because it is always there to be given. Someone who is no longer afraid to stand up in class and give her opinion, because she knows that she will be listened to. A girl thankful for every minute of everyday. I have my friends, my family (whatever country they are in :P ) and I have no idea of anything the future will bring.

But I rejoice in that fact, because sometimes knowing everything can be really boring.

Stay Positive! Everything will work out :)

Hello there Earthlings!

Its been a while eh?

So recently, I have been struggling over the fact that I am in year 11. I was coping pretty well up until the the end of term one when my brain suddenly went: 'Oh god! I've only got one year to go until I graduate, go to university, get a job, have to grow up, take me place in society and try to work at paying off my mortgage, until i eventually die!'

Overreaction? Yeah. Maybe.

So this feeling of impotence, in addition to the usual high school drama and my own silly problems, eventually pushed me off the edge. I felt like giving up.

Until my amazing PC teacher told me I had nothing to worry about. It wasn't the usual 'change is a part of our lives' kinda speech, it was more along the lines of: 'There are children dying in Africa, what do you have to complain about?'

And somehow... her words of wondrous wisdom motivated me to realise that instead of worrying about the fact that I only had two years of high school left, start rejoicing in the fact that I was privileged enough to have those two years of high school.

After that, my worries seemed to vanish, because I knew that, no matter what problems I encounter in the future, the odds were in my favour, and all I needed to do was remain positive.

Make Sense? Probably not...